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Charlotte Atkinson Art

Charlotte Atkinson

Charlotte was born in the great naval city of Plymouth in 1973 and grew up with a natural fascination for the sea. After training to be an illustrator at the University of Derby and Hereford College of Art, her love of coastal life drew her to Scotland where she was invited to become Artist in Residence at a rural centre for the arts. Since becoming a professional artist Charlotte has showcased her work throughout the South of England and has enjoyed numerous successful exhibitions. Following her success at the Fine Art Trade Guilds Awards in 2000, where she was awarded the prestigious title of ‘Artist Exhibition Winner’, her work attracted a great deal of attention leading to the publication of her first collection of limited editions.

Charlotte’s highly decorative mixed-media creations combine oils, pastels and inks and explore the energy created by colour and its effects in our emotions. Although semi-abstract, the inspiration of the ocean is clearly discernible in her work, as misty figures seem to float through a silent and solitary underwater dream world. “Painting is all about emotion and I hope that my work conveys even a small amount of the feeling that I put into it.”