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Kevin Ash Art

Kevin Ash

Kevin Ash is born and bred in Northampton. Following an apprenticeship in sign-writing supplemented by pin-striping hot rods and motorbikes, he packed his bags and headed to Europe to live as a pavement artist in street art & graffiti. From Europe he migrated to the surfing communities of Cornwall, producing t-shirt designs and illustrations for the surfing industry.

As time passed, what was it that took him from the bohemian life style of Europe and Cornwall to London where he exhibited at Covent Garden. Ask him the question and he smirks…

“It began in an illegal drinking club and ended with me selling work in the USA”

Having lived this intriguing life, one has to wonder more about him, a man who’s work speaks for itself – high quality, edgy, sometimes erotic and always raw – just like the man himself. Kevin’s art captures the dreams and realities of custom motor vehicles, tattoos and rock & blues music culture using a variety of different media and styles.

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