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Self-taught artist Mike Jackson was born in Manchester in 1962, and as with many artists, discovered a love of art at a young age. Upon leaving school, he had few qualifications, but still wanted to be an artist. Jackson says he was encouraged to learn a trade, so that he would “always have something to fall back on”, so he became a butcher.

Eventually he moved back onto the career path to be an artist, and became a graphic designer, teaching himself the job through various computer packages. At the same time, Jackson was practising his art, honing his skills with different mediums, but concentrating mainly on watercolours for many years.

Mike Jackson is well known for painting his loveable penguins characters which are exclusive to Haddon Galleries, but has also created many other fun-filled series of works including Mods & Rockers, Heifers and Hoodies which are sold nationally.

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