Still Life With Street

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Alberto Martinez Still Life with Street

Alberto Martinez

Still Life with Street

Limited Edition Print

Available in two formats:

Giclee on Paper & Premium Canvas on Board

Paper image size: 540mm x 690mm

Canvas image size: 600mm x 765mm

Edition Size: 95

If you like Alberto’s style, CLICK HERE to view his full portfolio.

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Available formats:

  • Paper print only
  • Canvas on board print only
  • Paper print mounted in a warm white double mount
  • Paper print framed in a black frame with warm white double mount
  • Canvas on board print framed in a black frame with white scoop slip.

For alternative framing options and prices for Alberto Martinez Still Life with Street please call 01803 213000.

“When an artwork of mine takes about two months from start to finish, that piece is more than oil colours on a piece of fabric. There’s an intimacy built after weeks of just the two of us. Nights, days together. It witnesses all sort of happenstance going on with me and around me. Like a good friend, it talks back as well. It challenges me. Comforts me. Care for me…

I’m grateful to you for been my companion all this weeks, dear friend. It’s time for you to meet the world and make friends of your own. Hope to see you again in this life…”

Alberto Martinez (El Flaco)

Still Life with Street

Human nature doesn’t change—like a stick of Brighton rock you bite all the way down and still read ‘BRIGHTON’!

Alberto Martinez loves to play with form, angles and his viewers mind.

Still Life with Street is Alberto’s own take on an unusual woodcut print by the Dutch artist M. C. Escher which was first printed in March, 1937. It was Escher’s first print of an impossible reality. In this artwork there are two distinctly recognizable realities bound together in a natural yet impossible way.

Alberto has emulated this vision within his painting. The image of Market Street in Brighton is viewed as if through a window. Looked at from this window, the shop fronts make book-rests between which tiny toy pieces are set up. Looked at from the street, the books stand meters high and a gigantic kitten stands at the junction.

This image is a classic example of Martinez’s plays on perspective. In it, the horizontal plane of the table continues into the distance to become the street, and the rows of books on the table are seen to lean against the tall buildings that line the street.

Mixed in with all this technical drawing prowess is Alberto’s own fun stylings. An Egg, a pregnancy test and a kitten all nod to the never ending circle of life. The grapes, flowers, butterfly and birds are all growing and flourishing. Alberto’s trademark Cuban cigars and the Cuban hummingbird and national game: dominoes, combine his two cultures effortlessly together.

When asked why there is a trumpet coming out of the window, he answered, “Why not?!”

CLICK HERE to see a video – Alberto Martinez on what it means to be an artist

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