Eye to Eye

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Chris Weston Eye to Eye

Chris Weston. Award winning wildlife photographer

This print is part of the “Animals on the Edge” Conservation project (please see below). A percentage of the profits from this print will be donated by Chris Weston and Haddon Galleries to this very worthy charity helping to protect our most endangered wildlife worldwide.

Chris Weston Eye to Eye

Kruger National Park, South Africa

Latitude & Longitude: -25° 21′ 18.28″ S 31° 53′ 21.94″ E

Nile crocodile – Crocodylus niloticus

International Union for Conservation of Nature

(IUCN) status: Least concern

Trend: Stable

Fine art Giclée print

Limited Edition: 100

Image Size: 415 x 540mm

Approximate frame size: 470 x 608mm

Available formats:

Print: Print with protective backing wrapped in cellophane ready for framing.

Print + Mount: Print in a conservation double mount with protective backing wrapped in cellophane ready for framing.

Print + Mount + Frame: Print in a conservation double mount and Framed in a grey distressed wood ready to hang.

For further information about alternative framing options please contact us on 01803 213000

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     Mission & Vision Statement

We are an organisation committed to the preservation of wildlife and wild habitats. By disrupting the status quo in current conservation practices, we will find ways of making trees worth more standing than felled, and animals worth more alive than dead.

By changing the way conservation programmes are conceived, implemented and managed, we aim to ensure the preservation and continued evolution of the world’s habitats and wildlife. We will do this by recognising the importance of supporting local communities and the significant role they have to play in achieving a successful and sustainable outcome, and by engaging equally with all stakeholders, including governments, corporations, and regional NGO’s. By doing so, we may harness the ingenuity, wealth, power, expertise, resources, enthusiasm and commitment of individuals and organisations, all of whom have a vested interest in our success.

We will achieve our vision by creating high-quality, engaging, inspiring visual content that first, makes people want to contribute to and participate in our vision for the world, and second, gives people the tools to do so effectively.

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