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Psycho Elephant Antropofágico Tropical 

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The Psycho Elephant Antropofágico Tropical was designed by Fernando Guimaraes and Tons de Terra for the Floripa 2016 Parade. The design is inspired by three things: Psychedelic – I want people to reflect on each picture I drew: ancient symbols of various ethnic groups and nations worldwide, not to mention the symbols of Brazilian indigenous groups. It has even pop symbols that were used in the psychedelic generation of the 60s and my faces. Anthropophagy – as I am an artist from the 90s generation, drank a lot in the sources of the first phase of globalization, which still delights me today, because the world is very large in history of its culture. So all that I see and enchants me I take on, convert it into a pictorial motif (hence Anthropophagy in my life). Tropical – I often use pure and strong colours in my work, plenty of yellow, orange, blues and greens. Sometimes my inspiration comes from my pottery, sometimes from painting. I mix everything and this design is the result.

An original Elephant Parade replica is something really special to give and to own. Each elephant is hand-painted by talented artists, part of an exclusive limited edition series and each one sold donates to charities in aid of elephant conservation. Each elephant comes packaged in a smart black gift box, with a hologram of authenticity and a certificate listing the artist, series, production number, year and parade city.

Please note that due to the hand-painted nature of the replica elephants there will always be minor variability between two identical products. The elephant replica pictures shown online are mainly of the 20 cm models, some variations in detail are possible based on the complexity of the design and the size chosen.

Elephant Parade is a social enterprise and runs the world’s largest art exhibition of decorated elephant statues to raise awareness and funds for elephant conservation as, without our help, experts predict the endangered Asian Elephant could become extinct within the next 30 years. Be part of it, and help save the elephants with Elephant Parade.

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