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Chris Weston Wildlife Photography

Chris Weston Photography

Chris Weston Wildlife Photography

It’s what I do….

When I was 15-years old I lived in Boston, a quiet market town in Lincolnshire, a place best known for its flat landscape and cabbages.

It was work experience week at school. The options weren’t good and involved some form of hard labour on a farm. At home, seeing my inner turmoil, my father asked what I wanted to do when I grew up. Without hesitation I replied, “I want to be a photo-journalist”.

It was another decade-and-a-half before I realised I really did want to be a photo-journalist and walked away from my career in IT sales to become a wildlife photographer.

Since then, I’ve provided images to the BBC, Sunday Times, Daily Telegraph, Guardian, and Nat Geo,  written articles for most of the UK photo mags, and books for ITV and numerous publishers.

I’m fortunate to be able to call myself an “award-winning” photographer, and I work with some amazing conservation groups, like UPROAR. In 2016, in recognition of my work on Animals on the Edge, I was credited by Outdoor Photography as “one of the world’s 40 most-influential wildlife photographers”.

The remarkable beauty and extraordinary complexity of wildlife and wild places is what drives me to continue doing what I do. I love being out in the field with my camera, sharing time and space with animals, telling my story and theirs through the incredible medium of photography.