Bowie (Original Variation)


David Bowie Rob Bishop

This Original Variation has sold but please call 01803 213000 to talk about a similar variation

Rob Bishop


Original Variation

Etched into Maple Wood

Image size: 580mm x 860mm

Outer frame size: 720mm x 1000mm

Framed in a hand made, custom designed frame by Rob Bishop

“I create the image digitally using a variety of techniques such as drawing with a tablet, image manipulation and collage. I engrave the image onto 12mm maple veneered board to give a 3D reference image which I develop by sketching in details. Only then can each piece be hand painted by building up many layers of wood stains and lacquer.

Each piece with its bespoke wooden frame has been created in its entirety from scratch. All of my work and frames are signed & thumb printed.”

If you love the style of this piece, why not view Robs amazing portfolio here

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Weight 12 kg


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