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Discerning Charlie


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Discerning Charlie by Paul James

Discerning Charlie by Paul James

Limited Edition Print

Framed Canvas

Edition size: 125 + Artist Proofs

Image size: 920mm x 920mm

Frame size: 1050mm x 1050mm

Framed in a black box frame


Discerning Charlie captures the on going adventures of the ever popular Mallard Duck that is ‘Charlie’, who on this occasion appears to have taken a jaunt across ‘the pond’ judging by the ‘State-side’ inspired items surrounding him…

Whether he is discerning or not, may depend on your perspective but as ducks go he’s becoming quite a star.

Let’s take a closer look at the references dotted around… 

Have you noticed the ‘Starducks’ rather than ‘Starbucks’? How about the ‘Charlie and his Streetwise Buddies’ beer rather than ‘Budweiser’.

Not to forget the adapted famous Napa Valley to ‘Quacka Valley’ and if you translate ‘Vino Pato’, you might just discover some ‘Duck Wine’… 

Knowing that Paul James has a passion for fine wine, it really isn’t surprising that he has adapted the bottle to fit Charlie’s little world. You might notice the snacks on the side to go with it too…

As for the detail of the artwork, notice the fine feathers that Paul James has depicted beautifully on this adorable mallard duck. And as for the brick wall, it is incredibly 3D making Charlie almost ‘pop out’ of the artwork.

We often joke in the gallery that Charlie is a bit like a human with different moods and states of mind. One minute he is ‘Discerning’, then ‘Philosophical’, then under the influence of ‘Champagne’ and other times he is quite happy to jump up and down in a puddle as seen in ‘Puddle Town’ Charlie – all of the artworks mentioned are available as limited editions as Charlie has become quite a star and has been featured in at least 10 of Paul’s artworks over the years…


Paul James Art and Music

Although essentially self-taught he did attend art College, at the insistence of his teachers to study graphic design.

Paul however, did not feel it was necessarily the right path to take and this proved to be the case, so being something of a non-conformist, he made the decision not to complete the course.

Instead he started to paint. At first mostly mechanical subjects, such as classic cars and aircraft, and was a one-time member of the ‘Guild of motoring artists’.

He also made something of a living taking commissions to paint portraits of peoples pet dogs and cats.

Paul also was developing a career in music, playing both organ and piano in a range of pubs, clubs and cocktail bars, but after a while as this did not live up to the rock star lifestyle, he envisaged he returned to his art and took up painting professionally in 1986.

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