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Tide and Time

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Tide and Time by Richard Thorn

Tide and Time by Richard Thorn 

Limited Edition Print

Available in two formats:

Giclee on Paper & Premium Canvas

Paper image size: 630mm x 360mm

Canvas on board deluxe image size: 670mm x 380mm

Framed canvas size: 910mm x 620mm

Edition Size: 195 – Paper and Canvas inclusive

Available formats:

  • Paper print only
  • Canvas on board (Deluxe) print only
  • Paper print mounted in a warm white double mount
  • Paper print framed in a white frame with warm white double mount
  • Canvas on board (Deluxe) print framed in a white frame with white scoop slip.
Richard Thorn Art:

Richard’s interest in art began at the tender age of 5. He would draw and sketch everything and anything, which became his first love. This period of drawing became the ‘Prima Materia’ for his later painting work. At school he was noted for his drawing and he later enrolled in the Newton Abbot School of Art on leaving school.

After leaving college he set out to pursue a career in music. This later led him to become an accomplished Jazz Guitarist. He currently leads a Latin/Jazz quartet for which he writes all the material. Music has always accompanied Richard throughout his painting career; which began in the early 80’s. ‘For many years these two art forms seemed independent of each other but in recent years I have come to realise that they have always informed each other, springing from the same emotional well-spring’.

In the early days of his painting career, The Torbay Art Society presented a painting of Thorn’s as a gift to the Princess Michael of Kent at a Devon County Show, after taking an interest in his work. Thorn was incited to stage an exhibition of his paintings in Portugal at the Portuguese Embassy in London; the Portuguese Ambassador purchased one of the paintings. He has since exhibited in numerous one-man shows and mixed exhibitions in the South of England and the Home Counties. His work can be seen in numerous galleries from Cornwall to Kent.

Richard works essentially in watercolour but in the last 5 years has incorporated other mediums to his paintings, which has had the effect of expanding not only his textural width but also his subject matter. Working with acrylic, gouache and pastel has also broadened the Artist’s appreciation of both colours and dynamics. Richard Thorn Art

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