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Alberto Martinez at Haddon Galleries

Three stunning Luxury limited editions, canvas on board prints by Alberto Martinez in stock at Haddon Galleries, Torquay, Devon. There’s a story behind every image.

“When an artwork of mine takes about two months from start to finish, that piece is more than oil colours on a piece of fabric. There’s an intimacy built after weeks of just the two of us. Nights, days together. It witnesses all sort of happenstance going on with me and around me. Like a good friend, it talks back as well. It challenges me. Comforts me. Care for me…

I’m grateful to you for been my companion all these weeks, dear friend. It’s time for you to meet the world and make friends of your own. Hope to see you again in this life…”

Alberto Martinez (El Flaco)

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The British seaside is a fascinate to me. Coming from a tropical island I didn’t get it’s magic for many years. But living for so long in Brighton has been invaluable understanding it. On paper not too much to offer compared with my place of origin. But that’s the wrong approach. It’s a completely different experience in almost all measurements. The way I see it, the seaside is an intrinsic part of British culture. It’s a place where life is calmer. Where the summer is packed with humans coming to the sea as a relief from the hard days of work. Where families go to share time together independently of the temperature of the water or the quality of the sand. It’s an escape from the normal, the built up areas and the clock.

That’s the idea behind this piece. Almost a picture postcard painting where I tried my best to include many well known landmarks from diverse English coastline towns and cities. I wanted to create a wave like movement on the top half of the image, a very busy beach and a calmer, almost relaxing sea area. English cultural elements regarding food, games, literature and the diverse array of characters that come to the beach on a hot summers day take their place in the landscape. They give it life. Complement and interact with the natural elements at the same level.

I’m lucky, I live in Brighton, and I love it. I like sharing it with my fellow townsfolk and visitors alike”

Alberto Martinez (El Flaco)


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It’s opening night. The stage is set as the curtain rises on Alberto Martinez’s masterpiece, SHOWSTOPPER.

As the lights come up we find ourselves transported to Shaftesbury Avenue in London’s West End. Characters from theatreland emerge to perform together for one night only! Alberto’s unique, bold style shines through the picture as recognisable images are re-imagined with influences of his Cuban upbringing.

The car from Chitty Chitty Bang Bang is now a Cuban Chevrolet with butterfly wings and Aladdin’s magic lamp is a repurposed light bulb transformed with kerosene and a wick. The nuns from Sister Act are created from childrens’ toys and a floating green candle blows bubbles into the sky.

Alberto Martinez invites you to join him on stage in this bold and magical theatrical masterpiece, ‘Showstopper’.


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This piece imagines a world that works in better synchronicity with itself; a place in perpetual movement, going in all directions. Given the importance of life as we know it, I’ve given many of the characters a water background with both sea and freshwater fish joined together in unison, sharing space with no sense of hierarchy.

Within this piece there are elements of clockwork mechanisms, OMEGA speedmaster being a favourite of mine, as well as being the watch used by most astronauts, cementing both the concept and deception of time. This clockwork detail frames part of the station structure both visually and metaphorically, as well as posters on the ceiling serving as a reminder of the struggles that we have had and may continue to have during our relationship with the natural world.

This painting is meant to be a colourful and lively homage to a time where we live in better harmony with all living things, hopefully in the near future.

Torquay on the English Riviera is a wonderful place to visit with Dartmoor a stones throw away. why not enjoy a well earned break in this lovely seaside town and see all the beautiful artwork here at Haddon Galleries.

Hope to see you soon

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