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British Icons

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British Icons by Alberto Martinez 

British Icons by Alberto Martinez 


Limited Edition Print

Available in two formats:

Giclee on Paper & Premium Canvas

Paper image size: 705mm x 550mm

Canvas on board deluxe image size: 1102mm x 800mm

Edition Size: 195

Available formats:

  • Paper print only
  • Canvas on board (Deluxe) print only
  • Paper print mounted in a warm white double mount
  • Paper print framed in a black frame with warm white double mount
  • Canvas on board (Deluxe) print framed in a black frame with white scoop slip.

British Icons

It has been said that people deeply influence a country, culture and history. So, how to distil what makes Britain what it is today in a painting created by someone that wasn’t born here? I asked myself that question even before I started this project, and the answer was surprisingly simple. Its people. It is always the people. So I asked them…

The result was a vast array of stories, references and delightful memories that gave me enough material to make not one, but potentially a series of pieces on the subject.

The most difficult part was to decide what to include and what to leave out. What followed was three months of rigorous discipline as I wanted to create a dynamic yet not overwhelming visual feast of all things British – Big Ben taking centre stage. All other elements arranged in a way that would create a left to right movement with visual clues scattered in a colourful but measured manner. Polite even. From a respectful nod to the Queen and her iconic blue dress, to recreating the well-known Beatles Album cover and of course, the Aston Martin.

With the use of negative spaces, not even clouds distract your attention from the ins and outs. I also wanted the layout of the perspectives to draw in the observers, make them feel the possibility of the scenes developing in the painting being real life, like a normal day in any given road in London. Or a very elaborate film set with the characters getting on with their lives, their stories.

This piece is my humble homage to Britain and its most precious commodity: Its people and their creations.

Alberto Martinez (El Flaco)


“When an artwork of mine takes about two or three months from start to finish, that piece is more than oil colours on a piece of fabric. There’s an intimacy built after weeks of just the two of us. Nights, days together. It witnesses all sort of happenstance going on with me and around me. Like a good friend, it talks back as well. It challenges me. Comforts me. Care for me…

I’m grateful to you for been my companion all these weeks, dear friend. It’s time for you to meet the world and make friends of your own. Hope to see you again in this life…”

Alberto Martinez (El Flaco)

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